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In the News:

  • Released "How Do I Get Started In Voiceovers?" book on 12.17.21.  More info here.
  • Speaking for VO Atlanta 2022 Breakout Session entitled "Voiceovers and Blogging: They Go Together Like Peanut Butter & Jelly!”
  • Presented for "Fighting the Imposter: The Voice Actor Experience" with Kickstart Into VO's on Thursday 11.4.21.
  • Released "Voiceovers: A Super Responsibility" - the final book in my trilogy, on 10.12.21.  Check out the trilogy!
  • Released "Running a Successful Voiceover Business" book on 3.25.21.  More info here.
  • Presented for the Marc Cashman "ManKind" Benefit Webinar on 2.21.21, along with fellow voice talent Tom Aglio and Tracy Lindley - check out the follow-up news!
  • Launched Book 2 of the "Super Voiceover Artist" Book Series, "Voiceovers: A Super Fun Pursuit" on 2.1.21.  Check it out!
  • Proud to have been a judge at the 2020 SABA Audiobook Narrator Virtual Awards
  • Spoke at the October 2020 VoiceMasters + OneVoice's "Reinvent Yourself" virtual conference
  • Presented for the August 2020 One Voice virtual conference
  • Released "Voiceovers: A Super Business ∙ A Super Life", my first book in a trilogy, released 3.3.20.
  • In great company with fellow bloggers on